Parco del Pollino

the mountain you don't expect

Parco del Pollino

The largest national park in Italy

UNESCO World Heritage Site

among Basilicata and Calabria

 includes 56 municipalities in all

The Pollino National Park was established in 1988, the headquarters of the management body is located in Rotonda (PZ).


The colors of the Pollino are intense and conquer the eyes of all visitors. Morano Calabro, Civita, Pian di Ruggio are among the most beautiful places I have visited.


The protagonist of the park is the Bosnian pine (Pinus heldreichii), whose age of some specimens has been estimated by radiocarbon to be over 1,000 years. Unfortunately we were unable to reach the Pollino planes to be able to photograph it. The fauna includes species now extinct in other mountainous areas, the Apennine wolf, the wild cat, the fox, the wild boar and many others.

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