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From Katmandu Valley to Chitwan National Park

Katmandu City

The Chitwan National Park

And the unforgettable Valley

Places, landscapes, mountains, wild animals, hospitality, smiles, faces… my Nepal trip really changed me and my wife. The culture, the humility and pride of this people have won us over, and I hope soon to be able to return and spend a couple of weeks along the mountain trails of Mustang. We arrived in the center of Kathmandu, a noisy, dirty, magical and beautiful city. We got lost in the back streets of Tamel, but never felt unsafe even late at night. We loved the nice nightclubs, first of all Electric Pagoda!


Coming from southern Italy, I recognized myself in the Tharu culture which bears many similarities to our ancestors. The typical houses built with straw and mud, are very reminiscent of our houses in “bresta”, the relationship with animals, pets and nature made me completely fall in love with their culture. In the family photo with a newborn, 4 generations, whose matriarch is only 63 years old!

Manakamana, Dhulikhel, Pharping, Namobuddha

Hindu temples, Buddhist temples, villages and incredible colors! This represented the days spent traveling around the Valley, always together with our faithful driver Raw Been, we were able to live a real experience in contact with this splendid, different and proud people. The place that most of all captured my heart was undoubtedly the Asura Cave in Pharping, a cave sacred to Guru Rinpoche. In the late 80s, early 90s, is been built a monastery and 3 years retreat centre for the practice of the Chokling Tersar, called Pema Ösel Ling, which surrounds the cave.


We spent our last days in Nepal in Planet Bhaktapur hotel where we discovered a real family! They took good care of us and we really hope to return sometime.

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