Total white family

holiday memories

Total white family

Traveling from switzerland to calabria for a return to origins

 A big loving family

Giuseppe, Elena, Antonio e Catia

total white for a special occasion

Except the little pest Antonio, they were all a little shy and embarrassed at the beginning of the shooting. Fortunately, the family puppy took care of it to put everyone at ease thanks to his contagious sympathy.

be yourself

Photographing strangers is never easy. But this is one of the parts I love most about my job, the search empathy. Being able to overcome the walls of shyness or insecurity and give a memory, never as in these cases, appreciated as unexpected.


on the beach

We closed a very fun afternoon together with some shots on the beach at sunset, and even if the day was not the clearest, the result caught the expectations of Elena and Giuseppe. I forgot that for this happy family it was a special day, due to the birthday of father Giuseppe.

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