Estate a casa Berto

cultural event

Estate a Casa Berto

The smallest of the big festivals,
the biggest of the small festivals

Giuseppe Berto

twentieth century Maestro

A memory that relives every year in Capo Vaticano

Giuseppe Berto was an Italian writer, playwright and screenwriter. The high schools of Mogliano Veneto and Vibo Valentia are dedicated to his memory. The festival was born in 2015 and I have the pleasure of collaborating since 2017.


Every year Phillip and Antonia, Bepi’s daughter, open the doors of their home to experience a week of culture, with screenings, readings, conferences. All in the memory of the famous Venetian writer.


In this collection of my favorite images of the festival from 2017 to today, some of the protagonists: Iaia Forte, Paolo Mieli, Lirio Abate, Carlo Ducci, Anna Della Rosa, Claudio Giunta, Antonio Armano, Tommaso Ragno, Nicola Gratteri, Alessandro Rak, Filippo Luna, Emanuele Trevi, Francesco Costabile, Antonio Padellaro, Jonas Carpignano, Michele Masneri, Fabio Mollo and all the other guests… an exceptional parterre.

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