Vanessa Villa

Fight gently

Vanessa Villa

A true power of nature

former karate champion

Yoga and meditation teacher

 for a true beautiful performer

After years of practice and study, she realized that had to combine all these disciplines and create something unique, complete and beneficial: FightGently.


I had the opportunity to meet Vanessa for her performance at Capo Vaticano Thalassa. We just met and spend 15 minutes together. She asked me for some portrait before the performance but I wasn’t ready for what would happen: she starts moving like a lioness and couldn’t stop shooting! The result was incredible.


Fight Gently

Courage, kindness, awareness, connection! This is Vanessa’s matra. She has created a community that shares his philosophy. Through lectures, speeches, and events held throughout Italy, the FG community continues to grow and I can only wish it the best, hoping to have the opportunity to photograph it again.

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