the sea where myths are born


The "Capo" was a sacred place, and still is, despite everything

Capo Vaticano

Giuseppe Berto, a well-known Venetian writer, wrote “I think that Capo Vaticano is called the Vatican for the same reason that a hill in Rome is called the same way: priests and fortune-tellers went there to scrutinize the future, based on the flight of birds and other what’s this. Two hundred meters off the tip there is a rock called Mantineo, and in Greek “manteuo” means communicating with the divine will. The Chief was a sacred place, and still is, despite everything. “


Along the horizon line you can admire the Aeolian Islands, and when the sky is very clean the majestic Etna.


This is the ancient and mysterious sea where the myths of Scilla and Cariddi were born, where the ancient gods Aeolus and Hephaestus resided, where even today the elements of nature meet in a riot of energy.


From the Capo Vaticano viewpoint the “Belvedere Nord”, every day and even more in winter than in summer, you can witness a powerful and moving spectacle, the spectacle of the sea where myths are born.

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