Star Dust

peering into the deepest blue

star dust

From the Belvedere of Capo Vaticano with an eye to the sky


Comet Neowise

and the Milky Way

Raising my eyes to photograph the stars always gives me an indescribable emotion, perhaps because I always hope to portray something unique and unrepeatable.

The Milky Way

The first time I managed to portray the Milky Way in a photo, I was almost moved. Capturing the stars at night has always fascinated me. Time and light, what could intrigue all photography lovers the most!


Being able to photograph comet C/2020 F3 was one of my biggest emotions. The comet, discovered on March 27 of the 2020 by the Neowise Space Telescope, reached the closest point to Earth on July 23. Just shortly after sunset, still visible in the photo, it appeared almost on the horizon, much to my delight.

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